True Beauty

True Beauty

28.07.2014 0 Comments

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share some thoughts on the most beautiful women I know, and why I think they are.

1. True beauty is a humble attitude

One of my friends is a very successful business woman and has built up a very strong social media following at the same time. After meeting her recently, I realise that her quiet yet confident attitude was one of the most attractive features about her. Of course, she shines with a radiant physical beauty too… but her genuine character and quiet confidence encouraged me to examine my own attitude towards life: can I be confident yet humbly quiet at the same time?

2. True Beauty starts with a smile

Very often, we overlook the importance of smiling in all situations. A waiter makes a mistake on your order. What’s more attractive: getting angry with him while demanding to speak to the manager, or smiling to say, I forgive you, but could you make it right for us please? Very often I have been quick to anger instead of being quick to smile! I am making a conscious effort now to smile first before saying anything… regardless of the negativity of the situation. Smiling makes you much more approachable, less threatening… and simply, someone that other really want to help and get to know better.

3. True Beauty is selfless

The most selfless woman I know, happens to be my grandmother. She is someone who cooks with a cheerful and loving heart the favourite dishes of all her children and grandchildren, has a never-ending supply of Yakult in her fridge (because she knows we all love drinking Yakult), takes the time to visit us even though she is getting less and less mobile as she ages, and calls every week to check if we’re alright. When we’re at her house she’s never without a most beautiful smile, and always ready to hear about what we’ve been up to, never at once imposing her own needs and activities on us. Whatever little she has in her small apartment, is also ours, and she simply gives.

4. True Beauty is strength in adversity

One other woman I know happens to be another businesswoman who never fails to continue to innovate her businesses in the face of adversity and change. Adversity is always going to be a part of life, but how we face it and move on from it shows our real strength of character. My own mother also runs her own firm and faces many challenges from dealing with clients to HR issues and even managing conflict.  I have learnt also that true strength is drawing from the inner joy that one can find through God’s strength, and not our own. Resting in God’s power and soaking up His divine joy will allow us to have strength to go through any trial.

5. True Beauty with the moulding of character over time
For many years I used to struggle with my own character flaws, and believed in the lie that I could never change. However, I recently was encouraged by a friend of mine, who said he has noticed changes in the way I approach projects and people, which really surprised me, because I was not aware of this. I hope this encourages you that if someone like me can make a change, you too, can make a change!

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